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Masterclass Courses for Years 12 and 13

Philosophy Ethics & Religion

Join the blended learning revolution and boost grades.

World-class A Level courses delivered by subject experts.

Built in partnership with top schools and universities.

Crafted for success

The Academy Learning Lab is the leading provider of exclusive online learning for A Level students in Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics.

Each course is crafted for high student engagement and achievement:

Curated Fun Learning Experiences

Anywhere Anytime Convenience

Informed & Up to Date Academic Presenters

Engaging Mixed Media Presentations

All units developed by Julie Arliss, with Oxford University and Andrew Capone.

Oxford University

Access over 500 hours of guided learning

Put our interactive learning platform to good use, with videos podcasts, full notes, and guest academics. Plus each student will enjoy full access to over 60 complete classic texts like “The Wealth of Nations”.

Video lessons
Lessons include thought experiments
Original Classic Texts included
Full Lecture Notes Provided
Lessons include Multichoice Quizzes
Guest Lecturers deliver additional content
"The quality of this work is second to none and must be seen to be believed, and it is the most phenomenal democratisation of education, giving students, regardless of backgrounds, postcode lotteries and the capacity to pay, the very, very best resources for success."
Prof. Tom Greggs
Marischal Chair of Divinity, University of Aberdeen

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'No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness’

Attributed to Aristotle by Seneca

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